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Chief Justice Lorie Gildea of Minnesota; certified loser and enabler for corrupt attorneys

For the lion’s share of her undistinguished career as a member of the Legal Industry, Chief Justice Lorie Gildea of the Minnesota Supreme Court has porked out at the public trough.
Chief Justice Gildea has consistently taken affirmative steps to cement her status as a die-in-the-wool apologist and enabler for corrupt attorneys. Put simply, she is nothing more than a certified Dufus.
In an egregious case of attorney corruption involving Bent Karlsen, Chief Justice Gildea decided she needed to act as his advocate despite the fact that he was a serial criminal who had previously been disbarred by the Supreme Court of North Dakota.
Apparently, Chief Justice Gildea is comfortable with foisting crooked attorneys on the good folks of Minnesota despite the fact that the Supreme Court of North Dakota.
Attorney Bent (seems like an appropriate name) Karlsen was gifted with a law license in Minnesota in 1995 and in North Dakota in 2002. Subsequently, the North Dakota Supreme Court disbarred Karlsen for engaging in egregious misconduct. In almost every instance wherein an attorney is licensed in more than one state,
In March 2008, the Minnesota Office of Lawyers Professional Responsibility (an obvious oxymoron) filed misconduct charges against attorney Bent Karlsen, which included the following charges:
  1. Repeatedly neglected client matters
  2. Repeatedly failed to communicate with his clients
  3. Made false statements to his clients
  4. Falsified an affidavit (felony perjury)
Despite overwhelming evidence that attorney Karlsen was a serial crook and ethically indigent, Chief Justice Gildea voted to merely suspend his law license rather than disbar him as was the case with the North Dakota Supreme Court.  Chief Justice Gildea went on to punish Karlsen by allowing him to reapply to have his law license activated after a mere 12-month suspension.
Despite being found guilty of committing perjury when he falsified an affidavit, Karlsen was never criminally charged. This only further proves that Attorney/Judicial Misfits are held to a much lower standard of conduct in Minnesota and elsewhere than we are.
One must reasonably wonder if Chief Justice Lorie Gildea was reimbursed by attorney Bent Karlsen for the costs she incurred in purchasing a pair of industrial strength knee pads while she cheerfully went about acting as his advocate.

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