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► U.S. Judge Amul Thapar of Covington, KY; moronic loser


The state of Kentucky presented Thomas Estes with a law license in 1994 after she graduated from the University of California Berkeley Law School.


Former President George W. Bush was duped into nominating Amul to a seat on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of   November 2007, which led to his ascending to the bench in March 2002. Ralph didn’t get the appointment because he was the most qualified lawyer in Alaska.  He got it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


Judge Thapar was assigned to hear a case involving Kentucky Court of Appels Judge Allison Jones who was contesting the Judicial Commissions finding that Kentucky Judges were not permitted to lie about their judicial positions in running for re-election.


In this matter, Judge Jones falsely portrayed herself as a judge that was running for reelection when in fact she was appointed to her judicial position. Put simply, she was trying to dupe the voters into believing that she was previously election to her judicial position and was merely asking them to reelect her to the same judgeship.


As one would expect, Judge Thapar agreed with Judge Jones in ruling that she had a constitutional free speech right to mislead the voters [actually lie].


This is exactly the kind of morons you get on the bench when they are appointed for life and can never be held to account for their ignorant conduct.


As we speak (ca. September 2016), Judge Thapar continues to sit as a District Court judge in Covington, Kentucky. 


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