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Women shouldn’t be entrusted with high political office


During a recent (mid-August 2016) episode of his daily comedy show airing on the American Family Radio Comedy Network, resident comedian and chief misogynist Bryan Fischer restated his position that women should not be entrusted with positions of political authority. (Kyle Mantyla)


During the episode, Bryan received a call from one of his low I.Q. followers stating:


“You could make a pretty good biblical case that only men are supposed to hold political office.”


Bryan the Misogynist responded by saying:


“That’s always the pattern in the word of God." he said.

"The kings were all males, when you had a departure from that with Jezebel and Athaliah, it was not a good thing, it did not work out well.”

“Leadership in the church is reserved for men, leadership in the home is reserved for men. In other words, in God's economy, he has designed leadership and authority in society and in the church and in the home to be exercised by men.”


Bryan continued on with his Misogynist rant by saying:


“I think you could make a good case that leadership in culture, society, politically as well as in the home, that that is something in God's economy that's reserved for men." Fischer stated.

"What if somebody had the courage to go on national TV, somebody of some kind of prominence or visibility, and said, 'Look, I'm going to vote for Trump because he's a man.”

“I don't believe that women should be entrusted with high political office ... That's the position I happen to take.”

Clearly, Bryan’s woman-hating ideology wasn’t adhered to by the citizens of Israel when it elected Golda Meir, the citizens of India when they Indira Gandhi and the British Parliament when they elected Margaret Thatcher as their respective head of state.


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