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Judge Nigel Cadbury of Worcester, UK; misogynistic loser


In one matter, Judge Cadbury decided to further establish his credentials as one of Britain’s most accomplished Judicial Misogynists. Towards that end, Cadbury found it necessary to make comments during a case that involved a brawl outside a bar but he made reference to the tragic case of 24-year-old student Karen Buckley, whose remains were found on a farm outside Glasgow. (Claire Gillespie)


While he was sentencing a 21-year-old for assaulting someone outside a bar, Judge Cadbury implied that Karen Buckly had been drinking heavily on the night she died. He then went on to say:

  • “I find it incredible that young people can get so drunk that they don't even know who they're with.”
  • “One only has to think about the horrible situation in Glasgow to see how serious this could have been.”
  • “It's very, very worrying how young girls put themselves in such very, very vulnerable positions.”

Its painfully clear Nigel the Misogynist is of the opinion that if a woman has anything to drink, even just one glass of wine, and then she’s sexually assaulted, it’s her fault for having that one drink.


Maybe the next guy that sexually assaults a young woman and is made to appear before Judge Cadbury will be exonerated if he merely claims that his victim had at least one drink prior to the assault. And lying to Cadbury that the victim had several drinks is a guarantee of being gifted with a “get out of free jail” card.


As we speak (ca. August 2016), Judge Cadbury continues to sit as a Worcestershire District Judge Court judge in Worcester, United Kingdom. 


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