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Judge Carmine Cornelio of Tucson; screwball, ethical dwarf

Unfortunately, Judge Carmine Cornelio of Tucson remains on the bench as we speak (ca. Feb 2011) despite the fact that he’s a certified screwball and an ethical leper-con.
Somehow Carmine Comelio weaseled his way into receiving a judgeship in May 2002. He likely accomplished this task by acting as a compliant lackey and bootlicker for the local political hacks in the greater Tucson area. It certainly wasn’t because he was the most qualified attorney in the area.
Judge Carmine Cornelio is a repeat visitor to the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree as you’ll see below.
1st bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree (ca. 2007)
In 2007, the Arizona Judicial Commission found Judge Cornelio guilty of:
  1. Confronting a court employee on a public street and making a hand gesture in an accusatory manner
  2. Using an obscene expletive in open court
Due to this misconduct, the enablers on the Commission punished Judge Cornelio by presenting him with a complimentary reprimand.
2nd bite at the Judicial Misfit Apple Tree (ca. 2007)
While presiding over a settlement conference, Carmine asked one of the parties to settle along the lines of the position their attorney Dennis Rosen had articulated earlier. When they refused, Carmine became upset and pointed at Rosen and state, “Fuck you” showing his middle finger.
As punishment for his repeat visit to the Judicial Misfit Apple tree for the same type of misconduct, the apologists on the Judicial Commission gifted this certified repeat loser with a complimentary censure.
This useless commission is made up of six judges, two attorney, and three public members
Isn’t Arizona a wonderful country?

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