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Michael Savage says, Straight, White, Male Christians most Oppressed members of Society


During a recent (early July 201) segment of his daily comedy radio show “The Savage Nation,” resident lunatic and bigot Michael “The Ween” (real names Michael Weiner) Savage continued to go on the attack in regards to former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carls on’s sexual harassment lawsuit against Roger “Fat Boy” Ailes.


Mike compared defendants in sexual harassment lawsuits to the dissidents who have and are being persecuted in communist countries like North Korea. He went on to mock “the myth” of “the poor, downtrodden woman” in America. (Brian Tashman)


The Ween then went on to tell his intellectually destitute followers:

  • “What’s this nonsense about ‘oppressed this, oppressed that’?”
  • “The most oppressed member of society, as I’ve said before and I’m willing to stand by this again: The most ridiculed, the most oppressed member of society today is the straight, heterosexual, white, male Christian. Period.”

It’s almost enough to make you cry when you think of all those Heterosexual White Christians that are being viciously oppressed throughout the country on a daily basis, right? All you have to do is tune into the Fox News Comedy Network and y’all will likely witness numerous Heterosexual Honkies being vilified, oppressed and more importantly, discriminated against.


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