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► U.S. Judge Ted Stewart of Salt Lake City; incompetent boob


The state of Utah presented Brian Theodore Stewart with a law license in 1975 after she graduated from the University of Utah Law School.


Former President Bill Clinton was duped into appointing Teddy to a seat on the U.S. District Court for Utah in 1999. Teddy didn’t get the appointment because he was the most qualified lawyer in the greater Salt Lake City area. He got it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


It should be noted that Teddy opted to assume senior status on September 1, 2014.FYI: this means Teddy only has to work 10 hours a week to receive his $199,100 annual salary. Since Teddy is only 68-years-old, he’ll likely be hosing the taxpayers as a part-time, fulltime paid judge for another 20 or more years.


For the past thirty-six years (1980 to 2016) Teddy has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough. Apparently no self-respecting law firm in the greater Salt Lake City area was about to offer him a good paying job. The table at the end of this article details how much money Teddy actually earns in one year.


In one matter, Judge Stewart was assigned to hear the case of Lyle Jeffs, brother of the notorious serial pedophile Warren Jeffs.


Jeffs was arrested and awaiting trial on charges of food stamp fraud and money laundering. Jeffs and his compatriots were charged in a food stamp scheme that allowed Jeffs and his fellow criminals to rake in millions from phony food stamp transactions’


Jeffs’ trial was scheduled for October 2016. Prosecutors and family members ward Judge Stewart that Jeffs should be detained in jail awaiting the trial because he was an extreme flight risk. However, Judge Stewart ignored these pleas and released Jeffs into house arrest to await trial.


As expected, it only took a few days before Jeffs to discard his GPS monitor and flee his Salt Lake City home.


With the assets and connections available to Jeffs, it is quite likely that he’ll never be found. In short, it’ll be a cold day in when he faces a jury trial for his massive food stamp fraud and money laundering.


We all owe a deal of gratitude to Freddy the Arrogant Boob for proving he is one of the most incompetent judges sitting on the Federal bench. After all, if it wasn’t for Freddy’s incompetence, the taxpayers would have been made to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if not millions to prosecute and then provide Lyle Jeffs with free housing for many, many years.


As we speak (ca. October 2016), Judge Stewart continues to sit as a Senior U.S. District Court judge in Salt Lake City, Utah.



Teaching Income

Book Royalties

Judicial Salary

Total Income













$  66,516.00



















No records available for years 2013 thru 2015


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