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DC Federal Judge Gladys Kessler;  apologist for Judicial Misfits

Unfortunately, President Clinton received erroneous advice when he appointed Gladys Kessler to a seat on the District Court for the District of Columbia in 1994 when she was 56 years-old.
Prior to her appointment to the federal bench, Gladys spent 17 years as Superior Court Judge in DC (ca. 1977-1994)
In late 2001, Judge Kessler was appointed to the District of Columbia Commission on Judicial Disabilities and Tenure (CJDT) and as we speak she is the Chairperson (ca. 2011).
In early 2009, Judge Kessler, the Vice Chairperson of CJDT was asked to rule on the qualifications of DC Appeals Court Judge Vanessa Ruiz’s qualifications to be reappointed to another 15 year term on the bench.
Despite being presented with evidence that Judge Ruiz was the laziest and most worthless loser sitting on the Court of Appeals, Judge Kessler advised President Obama to reappoint her.
Obviously, Judge Kessler isn’t concerned that the citizens of DC are being provided with the services of a diligent judge that actually performs judicial services on their behalf at an annual wage of $185,000.
Since Judge Kessler earns $174,000 federal salary as a senior judge that only requires her to work 10 hours a week, she feels sorry for Judge Ruiz. Judge Kessler also earns $125,775 a year as a pension for working a mere 17 years as a DC District Court Judge, meaning her total yearly earnings are almost $300,000 a year.
At $300,000 a year, Judge Kessler’s actual hourly earnings are:
  1. $25,000 a month
  2. $5,550 a week
  3. $550 per hour
What a gig for a die-in-the- wool enabler and apologist for a Judicial Misfit like Ruiz who is a lazy as they come. To view a recent article about Judge Ruiz go to the URL below.

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