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Judge Diane Moriarty of Quincy, MA; certified screwball/nutcase, ethical gnome


Sadly and I mean sadly, Judge Diane Moriarty has been sitting on the District Court in Quincy, Massachusetts since 1998. Apparently, job openings as a greeter at the Wal-Mart located at 301 Falls Blvd. in Quincy weren’t available for her Royal Highness.  
To argue that Judge Diane Moriarty is a screwball would be analogous to arguing that the late Cardinal Law of Boston was a die-in-the-wool advocate for victims of pedophile priests.
During her inglorious time on the bench, Diane has engaged in a plethora of misconduct. Recently, the Massachusetts Commission on Judicial Conduct found her guilty of the following misconduct.
  1. In 2007 she improperly (illegally) overturned a 2001 assault-and-battery conviction of career criminal Matthew West and stated to his lawyer to consider it as “an early Christmas present. (Boston Globe)
  2. Failed to warn a non-citizen in 2005 before accepting his guilty plea that he could be deported as a result of his guilty plea
  3. Failed to advise 4 defendants making plea deals that they might be deported because they weren’t US Citizens (more importantly they weren’t Irish)
  4. Vacated the 2007 conviction of another criminal without jurisdiction to do so
  5. When a prosecutor warned her she was required under state law a warning to a defendant was required, she attacked him saying “It’s not require and it’s within my jurisdiction.”
I'll betcha that infamous Mob Boss Whitey Bolger of Boston is aroused by the mere thought that Ol' Diane could be assigned to dispense her brand of justice if he appeared in her court. Whitey sez "who needs Viagra" when Diane is more than willing and capable of providing similar services.
Judge Moriarty’s hyperbolic (BS) defenses (Is there another kind for Judicial Misfits?)
In defense of her serial misconduct, Judge Moriarty had the chutzpah to defend her despicable conduct as follows:
  1. She suffered from dizziness (So what’s your point Diane?)
  2. She suffered from chest pains
  3. Suffered from symptoms of fear and anxiety for her “inability to make appropriate decisions”
Sounds reasonable to me, how about you? I consistently experienced “fear and anxiety” prior to making appropriate business decisions. I’m sure you have too, right? And haven’t y’all undergone serious chest pains or dizziness when ya went about screwing over your neighbors? My Bad for asserting that Judge Moriarty is a certified nutcase!
And when I was about to discharge a useless employee, I always suffered from “chest pains” and not from the thought that Jeffrey who weighed 240 pounds would kick my ass.
The certified losers (aka, enablers/apologists) sitting on the Judicial Commission bought into Judge Moriarty’s BS and punished her by gifting her with a complimentary censure.
This certified loser (my sincerest apologies to losers) continues to sit in judgment of the good citizens in the Quincy, Massachusetts area as we speak (ca. Jan 2011). What an unmitigated joke!

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