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Federal Judge Jack Camp of Atlanta; pervert, criminal, Coke-head

Sadly, President Ronald Reagan made a monumental error in judgment when he nominated then-attorney Jack Tarpley, Jr.  of Newnan, Georgia to a judgeship in 1987 to sit as a District Court Judge for the Northern District of Georgia.
Of course it wouldn’t be fair to blame President Reagan for this deplorable nomination since he likely wouldn’t have recognized Camp if they were standing at adjoining urinals at the airport in LA. Put simply, Ol’ Jack obtained this nomination by carrying water and acting as a compliant lackey, gopher, apple-polisher and ass-kisser for the local Republican Party hacks in Georgia for many, many years. He damn sure didn’t receive the nomination because of his intellect or ethics!
In November 2010, Jack pleaded guilty to aiding an exotic dancer in purchasing illegal drugs such as marry-wanna, cocaine, and prescription drugs containing opiates. How cool is that?
When arrested by the Feds, they found at least one loaded gun in Campy's possession. Of course this doesn't include his personal "snub" nose that he was concealing in his drawers.
The Camp also pleaded guilty to unlawfuy providing his substantial “lap” to the stripper for anticipated “lap dances.” I’m sorry; I mean he illegally provided her with a Court (taxpayer-funded) laptop computer to her for her own personal use.
Campy first met the stripper at an Atlanta strip bar when he purchased a “lap-dance” from her. Campy then returned to strip bar the following evening, paid her for sex, and snorted cocaine with her. They then repeatedly met for even more sex and drugs. (San Francisco Examiner)
An unreliable source indicated that the stripper agreed to contribute 25% of her income from lap-dances for the purchase of industrial strength Viagra so that Campy Baby could rise to the occasion, if y’all know what I mean.
Media reports indicate that Campy was sentenced to 36 months in prison. An unreliable source indicated that the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Atlanta demanded  that he be sent to Leavenworth and assigned to Cell #217, meaning he would be rooming with Clarice (his real name is Clarence.)
Despite the fact that Campy is an acknowledged criminal, it appears that he will receive an annual taxpayer funded pension of $174,000 for the remainder of his useless life. Given the fact that Campy is 67 years old as we speak (ca. 2011) and if he lives to be 90, the taxpayer’s will end up paying him at least $4 million in pension benefits, which doesn’t include the gold-plated health insurance that he and his wife will receive at our expense until he dies. Isn’t America a great country even when you're a certife loser?

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