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If you hate me, you hate America so sayeth Rev. Ted Nugent


During a recent (late May 2016) appearance with right-wing radio host Joe Pags, NRA (Nat’l Rifle Association) board member and so-called musician Ted Nugent declared that anyone who doesn’t like him must hate American and everything the country stands for. (Brian Tashman)


Teddy laughingly stated that anyone who is critical of the NRA only does so in order to provide assistance to criminals. Yeah Teddy, that’s what the Sandy Hook parents are all about. Teddy then told Pags’ low I.Q. listeners:

  • “There is nothing more anti-American than the freaks that hate me.”
  • “As the freaks hate me, I go, ‘Man, I really am right all the time.”

Teddy continued on with his moronic rant by criticizing performers who have canceled concerts in North Carolina after it passed anti-LGBT laws. He then said the following in regards to the nondiscriminatory policies:

  • It opens the door to perverts and child molesters and rapists and sexual offenders.”

As to opening the door to perverts, child molester and sexual offenders, given Teddy’s conduct in the past, maybe he should appear before a bathroom mirror and ask, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest sexual offender of them all?” I’m sure the mirror would say, “Who in the hell do you think it is Teddy? It’s you, you Perv!”


And lastly, if one wanted to seat every Teddy hater in Ohio, they would have to place them all in the Ohio State Football Stadium, which seats about 105,000. For Teddy supporters, they could house them in one of the Stadium’s men’s room.


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