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Glenn Beck: Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner


Congratulations to….


Glenn Beck 

Today’s “Rodney Dangerfield” Award Winner


This isn’t the first Award presented to Glenn. In the past, he has been the recipient of thirty-six (36) Awards in various categories and the subject of six (6) opinion pieces. Those awards opinion pieces are listed at the end of this article and can be viewed by going to the listed categories.


During the recent (mid-May 2016) airing of his daily comedy radio show, resident comic and serial liar Glenn Beck argued that a Texas pastor who had threatened to sue Whole Foods by claiming its employees had written an anti-gay slur on a cake he ordered, admitted that he made up the story. (Kyle Mantyla)


When Whole Foods agreed to not sue the Pastor for defamation when he apologized, Glenn expressed anger by stating that this guy was getting away with trying to smear Whole Foods and destroy its reputation. Glenn then went on to tell his intellectually insolvent followers:

  • “Again, we find over and over and over, the leftist activists that run false flags." Beck said.
  • "They make this stuff up or set people up and then run with it and then it's found out and nobody does anything about it.”
  • “There is never a consequence ... You were trying to destroy their business. You were calling them the worst names you could. You were going to make them into a sub-human in their own community, and an apology is okay?”

Glenn continued on by saying:

  • Is there no consequence anymore?"
  • "Don't drop the lawsuit,” because baseless smears like this "destroy people.”

How special it is that Glenn the Serial Defamer would demand that Whole Foods sue the Pastor for defamation when he himself has dedicated his career to defaming almost every liberal or Democrat he has ever spoken about.


Apparently, Glenn the Serial Defamer and Hypocrite forgot that he is presently being sued for defamation and slander by Abdulrahman Alharbi, who was one of the injured injured in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing and whom Glenn spent weeks accusing of being an al Qaeda "control agent" and "money man" who was personally involved in the bombing and was responsible for recruiting the Tsarnaev brothers to carry it out.


As it relates to Glenn, he could never successfully sue anyone for defamation given the undeniable fact that he is “defamation proof.”


Congrats Glenn; keep up the good work! We should let everyone know of your amazing record as one of Americas Least Appreciated “Standup Comedians”; you are far too humble.

  1. Bigot Award Winner = 1
  2. Bullshit Award Winner = 3
  3. Dumbo Award Winner = 1
  4. IHOP (Flip-Flop) Award Winner = 1
  5. Joseph Goebbels Truth-Teller Award Winner = 2
  6. Lunatic Award Winner = 4
  7. Moron Award Winner = 2
  8. Screwball Award Winner = 4
  9. Rodney Dangerfield Award Winner = 6   
  10. There’ll never be another Republican President ever again: Art. 13 Bullshit Awards
  11. Ted Cruz divinely anointed at birth to save America Beck: Art. 14 Bullshit Awards
  12. Dr. Glenn Beck says Obama is “A Scared Little Boy” – Art. 15 Bullshit Awards
  13. Glenn Beck profoundly distrustful of Obama’s Tears: Bullshit Awards Art. 16
  14. Constitution says all religions are not equal: Bullshit Awards Art. 121
  15. Obama’s gun control efforts will cause more suicides: Art. 23 Lunatic Awards
  16. Rev. Glenn Beck believes God killed Scalia so Ted Cruz could be President: Art. 7 Rodney Dangerfield Award
  17. Glenn Beck sez Ted Cruz campaign “Is moment we prayed for”: Art. 9 Rodney Dangerfield Award
  18. God gives Glenn Beck one final Warning: Art. 11 Rodney Dangerfield Award
  19. If Cruz loses Indiana, Freedom for Mankind is Lost: Art. 17 Screwball Awards
  20. Failing to elect Ted Cruz President will result in Blood on our Hands: Art. 18 Screwball Awards
  21. If Trump wins it’s gonna be a snowball to Hell Beck comic screw: Art. 21 Screwball Awards
  22. Glenn Beck demented opportunist, certified sissy, moron coward: Art.17 Dawg Opinions
  23. Glenn Beck sez he may be going blind: Art.18 Dawg Opinions
  24. Are advertisers justified in fleeing Glenn Beck’s reliable newscasts? – Art.19 Dawg Opinions
  25. Glenn Beck sez his “hero” is Rush Limbaugh: Dawg Opinions Art. 20
  26. What is a Compassionate Conservative?: Dawg Opinions Art. 41
  27. Conservative Talk Show Hosts – Super American Patriots (SAPS): Dawg Opinions Art. 42



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