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Judge Patricia Karasov of Minneapolis; liar, arrogant, moron


Unfortunately for my friends living in the greater Minneapolis area, Judge Patricia Karasov has been sitting on the bench as a Hennepin County District Judge since 1995.
Judge Karasov has dedicated her entire adult life since 1983 to porking out at the public trough. From 1983 to 194 she was a law clerk and from 1984 to 1995 she was an assistant Hennepin County DA (aka, gopher, lackey and/or apple-polisher).  Put simply, Judge Karasov is a lifetime porker!!
In 2010, the Minnesota Judicial Commission filed misconduct charges against the Dishonorable Patricia Karasov. In simple terms, Karasov was charged with lying about her residency (where she actually lived) in order to obtain a judgeship she was not lawfully entitled too.
The record developed by the Judicial Commission clearly indicates that Judge Karasov knowingly lied about her residency so that she could obtain a judgeship she was not lawfully nor intellectually entitled too.
During a recent hearing held by the Commission, Karasov was repeatedly admonished for interrupting opposing lawyers and witnesses. At one point, she jumped and said, “I’m being denied due process. The board is trying to take my job away from me, and I should have the highest level of due process.” Sure you should Patty Baby! What about the voters and taxpayers that you duped to obtain a high-paying job you were not lawfully entitled to? How about their “due process” rights Patty?
Patty gives arrogance a bad name if y’all know what I mean.  
To be fair to Judge Karasov, if she hadn’t successfully lied about her true residency, she likely would have been relegated to seeking employment as a greeter at the Wal-mart on Silver Lake Rd. in Minneapolis. And if that didn’t pan out, she could’ve attended the Minnesota School of Bartending located on University Ave in St. Paul or Regency Beauty Institute (cosmetology) in St. Cloud. Put simply, employment opportunities were and are clearly available for the Dishonorable Karasov.
The Commission has yet to enter a ruling as to Patty’s egregious misconduct, but in my opinion she should be removed from the bench and her law license should be permanently revoked.

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