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2010 - Judicial Geezer Award Winner: Judge Robert Kelleher of L.A.

The Watchdog is proud to announce that Federal Judge Robert Kelleher of Los Angeles is the 2010 California Federal Judicial Geezer Award Winner.
Judge Robert Kelleher was born in New York City in 1913, meaning as we speak (ca. Jan 2011) he’s 98 years old.
This Geezer was appointed to the bench by President Richard Nixon on Dec 17, 1970 and confirmed by the Senate on Dec 21, 1970.
After working a mere twelve (12) years as a full time judge on the federal bench in Los Angeles, the Geezer decided to assume Senior Status on March 5, 1983. This meant at best that he would be required to work ten (10) hours a week to receive the salary of a full time judge. As Yogi Berra was wont to say, “How sweet it is!”
The Geezer could have retired in 1983 at age 70 and received a pension of $73,100 for the balance of his miserable life, which would have grossed him $2 million through 2010.
Now I know why Judge Kelleher’s courtroom in Los Angeles is fitted with the equipment pictured to the right.
Congrats Judge Kelleher; keep up the good work! We should let all the taxpayers know of your amazing record of disservice; you are far too modest.

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