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U.S. Judge Deanell Tacha; greedy ingrate; purveyor of erroneous facts

Unfortunately, Judge Tacha was appointed to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals located in Denver by President Reagan in 1985.
On July 17, 2002, Judge Tacha put forth a hyperbolic (BS) statement to the Judicial Conference of the United States wherein he lamented he alleged that federal judges were woefully underpaid. In her comments, Judge Tacha had the chutzpah to say in part: (http://tinyurl.com/4tgq3lt)
  • As chair of the Judicial Branch Committee, I see letters from judges stating the discharge of their duties is becoming increasingly difficult for them. The reason: financial pressures and constant worry over them.
  • In 2000, Chief Justice Rehnquist said he considers the need for a pay increase to be “the most pressing issue facing the Judiciary,”
  • Letters from judges to me “spell out their worries and concerns about families, children’s education, and so many related matters. These letters are deeply disturbing and evidence an unease rooted in compensation, but whose implications go deeper.”
  • “We expect our judges to have superior intellectual ability.”
  • “They [Judges] are leaving the bench in growing numbers [false] for the lucrative world of private dispute resolution (where they can charge up to $7,000 a day for their services.”)
Suggesting that anyone, let alone a federal judge is worth $875 an hour ($7,000) a day is pure bunk and Tacha knows it! The only and I mean only reason anyone would pay a retired federal judge $7,000 a day is because the attorney so acting is confident that he/she is “purchasing” a result that is favorable to his/her deep-pocket client. To suggest otherwise doesn’t pass the involuntary laugh test!
Judge Tacha’s feigned lament that federal judges are underpaid is rather novel given her financial status as reported in her 2009 financial statement, which declares that she possesses a “line of credit” valued at $25 million to $50 million.
If Judge Tacha really thinks she and/or any of her compatriots are actually worth $7,000 a day, I would respectfully suggest that she do us a favor and “take a hike.”
In truth, the sole reason that Judge Tacha and/or her fellow federal judges don’t immediately resign so they can earn up to $875 an hour is because they absolutely know there isn’t anyone willing to pay this princely sum.
According to Judge Tacha, at $7,000 a day, a disgruntled (aka, woefully underpaid federal judge) could earn as much as $1.7 million a year if he/she worked 50 weeks a year. To suggest that a federal judge actually refused such recompense is per se not worthy of belief.
In 2000, Judge Tacha and her counterparts were earning $149,900 a year. The chutzpah to complain that one earning $150,000 a year could not adequately fund a child’s education, etc. is pure bunk.
I would respectfully advise Judge Tacha and/or her compatriots in Denver to seek employment as a “greeter” at the Wal Mart store located at 9400 E. Hampden Avenue in Denver. And if that doesn’t bear fruit, there’s always the ABC Bartending School in Denver.

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