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Judge Michael Hecht  of Tacoma, WA;criminal, racist, pervert


The evidence clearly indicates that Judge Michael Hecht is a serial criminal; racist and more importantly an accomplished pervert.
Unfortunately, Judge Michael Hecht was successful in duping the voters in Pierce County, Washington (Tacoma) into electing him to a judgeship in Nov. 2008.
On April 15, 2009, the Washington Judicial Commission charged Judge Michael Hecht with multiple counts of patronizing prostitutes; harassing or threatening persons he believed were discussing his interactions with and payment of prostitutes; and uttering racist slurs. Geez, what a guy! (Tacoma News Tribune) 
Judge Michael Hecht was specifically charged with paying Joseph Hesketh for performing sexual acts on numerous occasions between 1997 and 2001. Did you get that folks? The prostitutes name was Joseph not “Josephine.” Making matters even worse is that some of the sexual acts that Judge Michael Hecht paid Joseph Hesketh to perform “occurred when Mr. Hesketh was a minor.”
In its charges against Judge Michael Hecht, the Judicial Commission said that he would seek out male prostitutes in downtown Tacoma; take them to his law office; have them perform sexual acts; and then pay them for their services.


Pray tell, even the Right Reverend Ted Haggard is pointing the finger at Judge Michael Hecht's employment of male prostitutes and/or for trading sex for free legal services. Goshes and gollies and Gee willikers, ya know you're in trouble when a well-respected family-values guru like Reverend Ted Haggard finds your conduct disgusting, right?
It appears that when Judge Michael Hecht was a little short on cash, he would offer pro bono (free) legal services in exchange for sex. Kinda gives a new meaning to the old saying “to give and take,” right? In one instance it is alleged that Judge Michael Hecht coerced and/or made various threats against an individual (aka, victim) in offering him free legal advice in return for some unexplained sexual favor.
It would appear that in Judge Michael Hecht's demented mind, illegally threatening someone under the guise of providiing fee legal services is acceptable conduct. One can only assume that there are many, many more victims of Judge Michael Hecht's appalling conduct in corercing and/or issuing various threats against folks who unforunately found themselves in a situation wherein they were financially unable to pay $200 or more an hour for legal representation. Hopefully, all of Judge Michael Hecht's victims will have the courage to come forward and expose him for what we all now know he is. At least one of his victims has displayed the necessary courage. For that he deserves praise!
In the summer of 2007, Judge Michael Hecht repeatedly used the term “nigger” in conversations with Milo Lick, John Paterno and Guy Shepard.
In May 2009, Judge Michael Hecht responded to the charges lodged against him by the Judicial Commission by denying he ever patronized prostitutes and repeatedly uttered the slur “nigger." Judge Michael Hecht was also charged with stealing his opponent's campaign signs during the 2008 election. What the Hecht caused this conduct?
Prior to scamming the voters to elect him to a judgeship, Michael Hecht was a sole practitioner for twenty years and likely earned no more than $50,000 a year; however, he now earns $148,632 as a judge as a Superior Court judge in Tacoma. Nice work if ya can get it, right? This is especially true when you’re a certified criminal, pervert, liar and ethically insolvent.
Unfortunately, the taxpayers of Tacoma and Washington will continue to be forced to pay this certified louse and loser $2,858 a week while he is on paid administrative leave until he is criminally convicted and/or tossed off the bench by the Judicial Commission. Isn’t Washington State a great country?



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