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Ex-Judge Edward Cashman of Vermont, apologist for pedophiles, moron


Sadly, Judge Edward Cashman sat on the bench in Burlington Vermont for nearly 25 years while providing useless services to the taxpayers.
In early 2005, confessed child-rapist Mark Hulett was being prosecuted for repeatedly raping a young girl countless times starting when she was six years old, and did so over a four year period of time. Unfortunately, the criminal case was assigned to Judge Edward Cashman.
Under Vermont sentencing laws, Hulett was eligible to be sentenced to 10 years to life. The Prosecuting Attorney asked that he receive at least ten years in prison.
In cementing his status as an enabler and apologist for child molesters, Judge Cashman ignored the despicable nature of Hulett’s crimes and sentenced him to 60-days in jail. That’s right boys and girls, a mere 60-days in the joint for repeatedly raping a girl beginning when she was six years old and continuing until she was 10.
To be excruciatingly fair to Judge Edward Cashman, when he was asked how young a girl would have to be if she was raped before he would impose a sentence of ten-years to life, he pondered a response and rather than answer verbally, he replied with the gesture in the picture to the right.
By the way folks, would you leave your six-year old daughter at Judge Cashman’s home for an overnight stay? I didn’t think so!
Judge Edward Cashman’s Present Position
As we speak (ca. July 2010), Judge Edward Cashman is employed as an adjunct professor at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont. The buffoons at Champlain employed Cashman to teach two courses in its Criminal Justice Program.
Cashman is also employed as a part time teacher at Johnson State College in Johnson, Vermont in the humanities department.
Isn’t it comforting to know that an accomplished apologist for criminals engaged in molesting little girls is teaching courses in the Criminal Justice Program at Champlain College?
An unreliable source indicated that when Judge Cashman was advised by a local sheepherder that some degenerate was attempting to molest one of his sheep that, Cashman demanded that the feller be arrested and imprisoned for at least 15-years. I guess in some instances, Judge Cashman does have standards!

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