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Judge Mark DeCaria; enabler for Judicial Perverts


I don’t believe it can be disputed that Judge Mark DeCaria is a certified enabler/apologist for Perverts and ethically insolvent.
In 2008, Judge Mark DeCaria was the chief prosecutor for Weber County Utah (Ogden). During this timeframe, Judge Craig “The Perv” Storey was charged with egregious sexual harassment of Ms. Marcia Eisenhour, a court employee under the supervision of “The Perv.”
A recent story regarding Judge Craig “The Perv” Storey’s egregious misconduct can be found at http://tinyurl.com/qfk5p2 and is titled: “Is Ogden, Utah Judge Craig Storey a certified pervert & ethical dwarf? Damn sure is!”
Ms. Eisenhour reported The Perv’s criminal and/or quasi-criminal sexual misconduct to then Weber County Chief Prosecutor Mark DeCaria, which launched an investigation by Deputy Weber County Attorney Craig Allred. Even though The Perv was alleged to have made various admissions of his criminal conduct, Ms. Eisenhour said she was told by the Prosecutor’s office “that because the judge [The Perv] was an elected official, they could take no direct action against him.” (Salt Lake City Tribune – 8/4/09)
Boys and girls, are ya fully understanding what Prosecutor Mark “The Bootlicker” DeCaria said? It must be true since Mark DeCaria is an attorney and you’d have to travel far and wide to find a dishonest attorney, right? And more importantly, it’s my understanding that Mark’s lips weren’t moving at the time. Need I say more?
I reviewed the criminal statutes in Utah in regards to crimes involving sexual harassment and/or assault, and I was unable to find any disclaimer stating that Judges were immune from prosecution. And if I am, I stand to be corrected.
And why da ya think Mark “The Bootlicker” refused to comport his conduct with the oath of office that he had taken? Mental giants need apply to understand Mark’s conduct. As the Chief Prosecutor Mark couldn’t afford to engage in any conduct that wouldn’t sit well with the aristocrats sitting on the bench in Will County. If he did so act, then how could he expect to obtain unjust and/or unfounded convictions in the future?
It’s pretty clear to me that Mark had his sights set on being appointed as a Judge. He well knew his chances of obtaining an appointment from the Governor would be nil if he had the chutzpah to prosecute Judge Craig “The Perv” Storey.
And more importantly, Judge Mark DeCaria was cognizant of the fact that if he could weasel his way into a judgeship, his annual income would likely double. Therefore, it would appear that Judge Mark DeCaria incurred the expense to purchase the equipment pictured to the right to assure his future appoint to a judgeship.
Lastly, is it even reasonable to conclude that the other judges in Weber County were ignorant of the perverted conduct engaged in by Judge Craig Storey? The same is true for Judge Mark DeCaria and those of his subordinates. Had these so-called stalwarts of the Legal Industry in Ogden displayed a modicum of ethics and morality, Judge Craig “The Perv” Storey would have been outed and tossed off the bench.
However, each and every one of these ethical elves opted to invoke their 5th Amendment right to remain silent. Shame on each and every one of these certified enablers and apologists. Had but one of them acted in accordance with their oath of office, maybe and just maybe Ms. Eisenhour would have not been the victim of Judge Craig “The Perv’s” despicable conduct.

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