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Judge Frederic Schott of Sanford, FL; one of the Good Guys


The State of Florida presented Frederic Michael Schott with a law license in 1985 after he graduated from the University of Florida Law School.


In one matter, Judge Schott was assigned to preside over a case wherein a woman was being tried by a jury for driving under the influence.


The police citation authored by the arresting officer specifically stated that there was no one available to perform a breathalyzer test on the woman. This was an obvious lie since the officer himself was available to do the test.


Judge Schott became upset about the officer’s obvious lie and told the prosecutor that he wanted her to file charges against him.


After the jury entered a guilty verdict against the woman, Judge Schott overruled the verdict and declared the man innocent.


Congratulations to Judge Schott for having the courage and fortitude to do the right thing when it became obvious that the arresting officer was a degenerate liar who was willing to see someone wrongfully convicted as a result of his deceitful ways.


As we speak (ca. March 2015), Schott continues to sit as a Seminole County Superior Court judge in Sanford, Florida. 


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