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Jerry Falwell Jr. sez Donald Trump is the U.S. A’s King David 


During a recent interview with Liberty University’s student newspaper, school president and resident comedian Jerry Falwell Jr. went about defending his endorsement of Donald Trump. (Brian Tashman)


Jerry went on to tell his Liberty’s intellectually infirm students:

  • “God called King David a man after God’s own heart even though he was an adulterer and a murderer.”
  • “You have to choose the leader that would make the best king or president and not necessarily someone who would be a good pastor.”
  • “We’re not voting for pastor-in-chief.”
  • “It means sometimes we have to choose a person who has the qualities to lead and who can protect our country and bring us back to economic vitality, and it might not be the person we call when we need somebody to give us spiritual counsel.”

Jerry is the same Certified Moron who previously referred to The Donald as Jesus Christ and Martin Luther King Jr.


This Jerry is a really great Standup Comedian, right?  What’s next for Jerry? Will he refer to The Donald as Sister Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi?


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