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Oklahoma City attorney Dan Murdock; pervert, misogynist


For twenty (20) years, attorney Dan Murdock was General Counsel in charge of investigating attorney misconduct on behalf of the Oklahoma Bar Association. As you’ll see below, this would be akin to employing Lindsay Lohan as chief investigator of those charged with drug abuse.
After attending a June 28, 2008 wedding shower, Danny Boy was charged with two felony counts of sexual battery. He was specifically charged with pulling down a ladies top and biting her on the breast. He also grabbed her by the hair, bit her neck and grabbed her outside her clothes in her genital area. (The Oklahoman)
Kinda gives a new meaning to taking a "bite out of crime," right?
In October 2008, Danny entered a guilty plea (Alford plea) to a misdemeanor count of “outraging public decency.” I understand that this lesser-included offense is usually reserved for perverts with law licenses and/or Judicial Misfits.
Subsequently, Danny was forced to resign his position as chief misconduct investigator for the Oklahoma Bar Assn. However, there is no online record that Danny Baby was ever disciplined by the Oklahoma Supreme Court for his criminal conduct. This only further proves that attorney and judicial misfits are held to a lower standard of conduct that we are.
Unbelievably the law firm of Resides and Resides in Oklahoma City determined that Danny Boy was more than qualified to work for the firm. On the firm’s web site, it has the chutzpah to state that Danny is “a much sought out speaker and writer on ethical issues.” 
As one could expect, the Resides law firm makes no mention on its web site that Danny Baby is a convict.
If y’all reside in the Oklahoma City area, take my advice and avoid dealing with Resides and Resides.




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