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Conspiracy books prove Gay rights Communist Plot


During the recent (late February 2016) National Religious Broadcasters Presidential Forum, Dr. Ben Carson laughingly claimed that the separation of church and state and marriage equality are not compatible with the First Amendment and the Bible. (Brian Tashman)


Benny told Eric Metaxas and his low I.Q followers and fellow bigots:

  • “The First Amendment gives you the right to live according to your faith [engage in bigotry] without being harassed.”
  • “The separation of church and state is not in the United States Constitution, it was a Supreme Court ruling a few decades ago where it actually entered the lexicon.”

Benny called the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling “way out of whack” because it impinges on the ability of people [bigots] to live according to their faith. Benny then went on to reaffirm his loony belief that gay rights are involved in a conspiracy to destroy America. He then went on to say:

  • “I know fully what they’re doing but that’s because I do a lot of reading. I read conspiracy books; I read all kinds of books.”
  • “I also read communist books and socialist books and I know about some of these plans that they have.”

In truth, Benny likely spends a lot of time reading Mad Magazine and Captain America in addition to watching reruns of “The Three Stooges.”


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