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Federal Judge Michael Schneider: Texas’ No. 1 Overall Grinch

Texas’ 2010 Judicial Grinch Award Winner
Federal Judge Michael Schneider
Judge Michael Schneider has dedicated the lion’s share of his adult life porking out at the public trough as evidenced by his work history set forth at the end of this award.
In 2004, President George Bush was unfortunately advised to appoint Judge Schneider (aka, The Schnied) to the Federal bench despite the fact that The Grinch was 61-years-old at the time.
The Grinch’s annual income is just south or just a tad north of $400,000 (a) $78,000 Texas judicial pension, (b) wife Mary’s $50,000 estimated Texas state pension, (c) $174,000 judicial salary, and (d) $100,000 wife’s estimated government consultant earnings.
Judge Schneider sits in the Texarkana area, which has a medium household income of $29,727 (source: City of Texarkana). This means that the Schneider family’s annual income is 13 times more than the average hard-working Texarkana family. Despite this glaring income inequity, the Grinch had the chutzpah (FYI: Mike means gall) to bill his campaign contributors for the following expenses.
Benevolence Fund Expense - Gift
Benevolence Fund Expense - Flowers
New South Parking,
Travel Expense
Plaques Plus Inc.,
Benevolence Fund Expense - Gift
Capitol Marriott,
Meeting Expense
Subway Sandwiches/Salads
The Container Store,
Benevolence Fund Expense - Gift
Hyatt Regency Dallas,
Travel Expense
$2.45 = average of expenditures above
Mike’s conduct as Texas’ ultimate cheapskate, penny-pincher and tightwad is even more glaring given the fact that he spent $28,695.48 in campaign funds to pay for an oil portrait of himself.
In addition, Mike the Tightwad had no problem hosing his contributors for the following expenses.
  • $400,475 = campaign funds spent on political consultants
  • $45,920 = campaign funds spent travel expenses
  • $30,829 = campaign funds spent on accounting services
I recently advised The Grinch of Mike’s miserly conduct and he said: “Hey Doghee, this guy’s an embarrassment to all well-intentioned skinflints like me!!!



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