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Assistant LA District Attorney Sandi Roth; one of the good gals

Ms. Sandi Roth is a Los Angeles County Assistant District Attorney in the Public Integrity Division, which is involved in investigating and prosecuting public corruption.
Ms. Roth received her law license from the Supreme Court in June 1995. As we speak she is the lead prosecutor in several public corruption cases, one of which involves State Senator Roderick Wright.
In my opinion, LA County DA David Demerjian made a wise decision in assigning Ms. Roth to the public integrity division.
Ms. Roth clearly possesses the integrity and grit to go after public officials engaged in corruption regardless of their political persuasion and/or status.
The overtaxed citizens and voters of Los Angeles County have much to be thankful for with knowledge that Ms. Roth is in a position to look out for their welfare. This is especially true when many public officials such as those in Bell and Vernon have dedicated their careers to the total avoidance of propriety.
Keep up the good work Ms. Roth.



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