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Obama may well stay in Power Forever


During a recent (early February 2016) appearance with comedic lunatic Alex Jones on his daily radio comedy show, disgraced and repeatedly disciplined attorney Larry Klayman founder of the Judicial Watch Comedy group appeared to once again slander Obama by falsely claiming he’s a secret Muslim.


Larry went on to tell Jones’ intellectually infirm listeners:

  • “I believe he would like to stay in power.”
  • “You know, at the end of the Clinton years, everybody [limited to lunatics only] thought he was going to declare a state of national emergency under FEMA and take control.”
  • “With Obama, I don’t think it’s likely but it could happen.”
  • “He does believe that he is above the law, that he’s king.”
  • “I hope that does not happen, but the country is in such a bad shape right now that he could try almost anything.”

Loony Jones responded by falsely claiming that Clinton did in fact attempt to seize power. This led to Larry’s hyperbolic (BS) reply by saying that the two of them [lying lunatics] are “charter members” of Obama’s “subversive list.”  In truth, they are both charter members of the America’s Loony List.


It goes without saying that nobody should believe anything that Larry the Disgraced lawyer has to say due to the fact that “his lips are moving.”


It boggles the mind that anyone other than fellow bigots and morons would even waste their time listening to anything these Twin Towers of Lunacy have to say.


Unfortunately, both of them have lived high off the hog by duping their low I.Q. followers.


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