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Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign is result of “Divine Providence”


During the recent (late January 2016) episode of his daily comedy TV program, resident comedian and Celebrated Loon Glenn Beck interviewed fellow lunatic Rafael Cruz.


Rafael told Glenn’s intellectually derelict viewers that his loony son Sen. Ted Cruz’s birth [in Canada] was “divine providence" because it resulted in his son Ted, who he says is now being raised up to save this nation. (Kyle Mantyla)


The two comedians then engaged in the following conversation.


GLENN:  “Everybody was born for a reason.” [In Glenn’s case it was to humor us]

RAFAEL:  “Oh, absolutely.”


Glenn’s sham claim of “divine providence” for Ted Cruz’s birth is the same line of comedic BS he spoke of during Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.


In the unlikely event that Teddy was elected President he might appoint his Loony Daddy Rafael to be an associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court since there’s no requirement that a nominee be a licensed lawyer. On the other hand, being a Certified Lunatic and Bigot is of course not an automatic disqualifier.


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