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Bill O'Reilly sez Fox News best when it comes to diversity


During a recent (late January 2015), airing of his daily comedy show Talking Points Memo, resident comedian Bill O’Reilly engaged in a scripted comedy skit with fellow Fox comic Dana Perino. The comedy routine between the two comics went like this.


BILLY:  “The Talking Points Memo is basically my opinion, that the radical left really doesn't want freedom of expression. That's what that's all about, you know, they are using Trump as a stalking horse.”

DANA:  “If they weren't going after Donald Trump as a target, they would have somebody else.”

BILLY:  “There is a trend in this country, being embraced by a lot of people, to shut down opposing points of view.”

DANA:  “And that's why when you said in the 20th season of doing this show, one of the things they will complain about, the left will complain about Fox News, especially Hollywood complains about Fox News. They have almost the entire rest of the media comes to a story with their viewpoint.”

BILLY:  “I think Fox News gives air time to more diverse viewpoints than any other network on the air. I mean really, because the big three, they don't have a lot of diversity anyway. They just have their shows.”

DANA:  “They don’t really have a lot of news.”

BILLY:  “MSNBC is almost all left, all straight down the line, they have a few tokens. But here [Fox News], you always have a whole bunch of people coming in, every hour. You never know who you're going to see, and they're allowed to say what they want.”


It is not in dispute that Fox is not a real News Network. In fact, it is the quintessential dispenser of falsehoods and total fabrications, which they laughably support with a cast of characters that wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped them across the face.


Moreover, Billy is well known as a Serial Fabricator of false facts and regularly dispenses enormous doses of BS on his sappy program. In truth, Billy’s viewers are dominated by low I.Q. folks as is the case with Fox News.


If truth really mattered to Fox, it would change its slogan of “Fair and Balanced News” to “Unfair News reported by Unbalanced Reporters.


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