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Is Federal Judge Linda Reade an ethical gremlin and a moron?

Unfortunately, President George Bush was advised to appoint Linda Reade to a seat as a District Court judge in the Iowa in 2002.
Prior to said appointment, Judge Linda Reade spent several undistinguished years (1986-1993) as an assistant US Attorney. In 1993 the then Governor appointed her to a district court judgeship. There is no dispute that Judge Reade is an enabler and apologist for the prosecution.
In the recent past, Judge Linda Reade presided over the Sholom Rubashkin criminal fraud case. During the pendency of this case, the record demonstrates that Judge Reade engaged in numerous ex parte meetings with prosecutors working for the US Attorney’s office. Judge Reade never invited defense counsel to any of these meetings, conduct which is strictly prohibited.
Judge Reade’s conduct was so egregious that Professor Mark Harrison, a key architect of the Code of Judicial Conduct wrote that Reade repeatedly violated the Code’s provisions.
Of course Judge Reade isn’t concerned that Professor Harrison found her conduct disturbing. She’s got a lifetime job, so it really doesn’t matter how many times she violates the so-called Code of Judicial Conduct.
All this really proves is that lifetime appointments to the federal bench is a joke. Nobody is entitled to a lifetime job.
Judge Reade’s unjustified lifetime appointment is further evidence that federal judgeships are based solely on a candidate’s political allegiance. Put simply, they are all practicing politicians who are selected because they can be relied upon to render favorable decisions in accordance with the ideologies of their benefactors.

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