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Judge James Gibbons of New York City; certified pervert



Prior to being appointed to the bench by ex-Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 2001, Gibbons spent 14 years as an assistant DA in the Manhattan district attorney’s office. Put simply, since being gifted with a law license in 1988, Gibbons has had he snout firmly implanted in the public trough.
Within the past few days (ca. 10/25/10), a massive stash of porn was discovered on Judge Gibbons’ work computer in his chambers in the criminal court in Manhattan.
Hmmm, wonder how one should have reacted when the court bailliff announced "all rise" when Judge Gibbons entered the courtroom.
An investigation is ongoing to determine if any of the porn downloaded by Judge Gibbons involved underage girls, which of course would be a felony.
Those investigating Gibbons’ conduct said that prior to the discovery of the porn stash rumors were flying about that he was drinking during non-work hours with a group of Legal Aid Lawyers (public defenders) who represented many defendants who appeared before them. One of the Legal Aid Lawyers was a Ms. Emhoff (10 years younger) who was impregnated by Gibbons and recently gave birth to a baby.
After the discovery of the porn, Judge Gibbons resigned his judgeship without giving any reasons for his actions. Of course we know why he resigned, right?
Had Judge Gibbons worked as a Federal judge in the 9th Circuit he wouldn’t be facing this problem. A couple of years ago, the Federal Court Administrator ordered that filters be placed on all court computers, including those of judges to prevent access to porn sites. However, upon discovery of the Administrator’s actions, Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit stormed into the computer room in San Francisco and disabled the filters. Kozinski ruled that the Administrator had no authority to so act.
In other words, it appears that Federal judges unlike other federal employees are able to surf for porn on court computers with impunity thanks to Chief Judge Alex Kozinski.

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