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Spirit of ISIS at fault for America’s extreme weather


In a recent (early January 2016) airing of his daily comedy TV show, infamous Pastor Jim Bakker (former convicted fraudster and boss of the PTL scam) is now involved in duping his followers by selling them overpriced and unneeded survivor gear and/or foodstuffs.


While telling his low I.Q. viewers what God had in store for them in 2016, Jimmy said that the Lord had personally told him that extreme weather patterns were a warning from God. Jimmy the Charlatan went on to say:

  • “The white horse of the antichrist spirit, the ISIS spirit, it's there but we don't it.”
  • “And that antichrist spirit is not only the ISIS spirit and the Islamic radicals.”

Only someone who’s I.Q. is just a tad higher then the legal speed limit in a school zone would believe anything this convicted felon has to say.


Who in the world would actually believe that the spirit of ISIS is to blame for extreme weather like floods, wildfires, record warming and strong blizzards?


And lastly, it is preposterous for anyone to claim that the personally spoke with God. If this were true, then why can’t Jimmy provide us with a tape of his conversation with God and/or a copy of his email or text messages? To ask the question is to answer it.


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