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Ted Cruz’s Daddy asks God for a revival to elect his son President 


During the end of his mid-January weekly prayer call organized by Sen. Cruz’s presidential campaign, Rafael Cruz, Teddy’s loony Daddy asked God to bring about a spiritual and political revival that would mobilize millions of Christians to elect Teddy as the next president of the United states. (Kyle Mantyla)


Loony Rafael then told the low I.Q. attendees:

  • “Ted is no more than the instrument that You have lifted up to be a servant of Yours, Father." the elder Cruz began,
  • "And I pray, Lord God, that as such, for God to continue to guide his every step, Father.”
  • “That everything he does, Father, is at the very center of Your word, that You give him revelation, Father, of what he needs to do.”
  • “That the peace that surpasses all understanding be upon him and every one in his campaign and each and every one of the volunteers, Father.”
  • “That we may know that in spite of all the attacks, Father, that we are in the center of Your will, Father and Lord God, righteousness will prevail.”

The Loon finished up his asinine rant by saying:

  • “So we commit this campaign to You, Father." he continued,
  • "We commit this next three or four months to You, Father, that righteousness will prevail, Father.”
  • “I pray, Lord God, that You create an awakening, Father, a movement, a spiritual revival and political revival, Father, to restore America again to that shining city on a hill to Your glory, Father.”

If Loony Rafael and his Screwy son Teddy had their way, God would be his running mate if Teddy were nominated by the GOP to be their presidential candidate.


And we can be assured that Teddy would appoint his crazy Daddy to some high office in his administration.


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