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Federal Judge Robert Sweet of NY; arrogant ingrate, moron, ethical elf


Judge Robert W. Sweet was appointed as a District Court Judge in New York City by President Jimmy Carter in 1978. Judge Sweet was born in 1922 and is eighty-eight (88) years-old as we speak (ca. July 2010).
On March 1, 1991 after serving a mere thirteen (13) years on the bench, Judge Sweet opted to assume senior status. In assuming senior status, Judge Sweet was only required to work 10-hours a week while receiving 100% of a full-time judge’s pay. In other words, Judge Sweet receives an annual salary of $174,000 (ca. 2010). This means that Judge Sweet earns about $2,900 for each day worked which amounts to an hourly rate of $362.
Judge Sweet’s Momentary Lapse in Speaking the Truth
In commenting on his senior status, Judge Sweet said it would give him an opportunity to take a “busman’s holiday.” He went on to say that he would now have time to respond to invitations to visit China and speak to other judges and law students about the so-called U.S. Judicial System.
Arrogant Bob then said, “And being a senior judge is the most desirable job in the United States.” Praise the Lord, the truth will set you free Sweetie Pie!
In addition to hosing (actually bilking) the taxpayers for an annual salary of $174,000 that he clearly does not deserve, Judge Sweet clearly lacks the ethics to disengage his significant snout from the public trough.
According to Judge Sweet’s 2008 Financial Disclosure Statement, his median earnings and assets are as follows:
  • $1.4 million = annual dividend/interest income
  • $19.3 million = median value of investments
Judge Sweet and his cadre of ingrates and consumers of public pork sitting on the Federal Bench, which of course includes Chief Justice John Roberts, are demanding a pay increase of at least 37%. If this outrageous rape of the overburdened taxpayers took place, it would mean that Judge Sweet’s daily wage would increase to $3,973 for an hourly rate of $497.
If Judge Sweet possessed a modicum of ethics, he would immediately and permanently retire. Since he appears to relish visiting China, I’d suggest he seek permanent residence.
I’m confident that members of the Politburo in Beijing, Shanghai and/or Pyongyang would treat Ol’ Sweetness with the total disrespect he so richly deserves.
And if that doesn’t pan out for ya Sweetie Pie, I hear tell the local Wal Mart has openings for a greeter. And lastly Sweetness, if that don’t work, there’s always barber school!
An unmitigated loser if there ever was one! Its high time this certified loser be put out to pasture, right?

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