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Ex-Judge Roland Amundson of Minneapolis; disgusting degenerate, ethical gnome

The perverted misconduct of ex-Judge Roland Amundson of Minneapolis is further evidence that the Judicial Industries years-long claim that finding a Judicial Misfit is akin to finding a “needle in the haystack” is pure and unadulterated bunk (aka, BS).
With that said, I believe it is important to inform you of Judge Roland Admunson’s perverted misconduct to debunk the false
Previously, Judge Roland Amundson was criminally convicted of stealing money from the trust fund of a retarded woman.
In the late 1990s, a close friend of Judge Amundson, who wanted to provide lifetime care for her mentally retarded daughter, asked him to write a will that would effectuate her stated concerns for her daughter. At the time, the trust fund setup by the Mother amounted to $600,000.
Several years later, a caregiver for the retarded daughter blew the proverbial whistle on Judge Amundson. The caregiver sought money for a new furnace for the daughter’s home and was turned down because the trust account setup by her Mother had a balance of $29,000 at the time.
Subsequently, prosecutors charged Judge Amundson with writing eighty-eight (88) checks over several years to purchase the following for his personal residence:
  • Marble floors
  • Antiques and bronze sculptures
  • $3,354 to purchase a fireplace inserts
  • Undisclosed sums to fix a spa and for indoor lighting for his home
Ya gotta be one dirty-no-good som-bitch as my friends in Brownsivlle, Texas would say to rip-off a mentally retarded person, right?
Judge Admunson’s admitted prison life
While in the joint, Judge Ronald Amundson said he experienced a profound revelation. I’m sure he did since he was confined to cell No. 744 along with Michelle (name is really Michael). I’m confident or at least hopeful that Michelle treated Judge Amundson with the disrespect he so richly deserved.
I suspect that to be on the safe side that Judge Amundson likely purchased the product pictured to the right for the protection that he contemplated he would likely need!
Again, we are faced with irrefutable evidence of an ethical leper-con being appointed to a judgeship that he clearly was never qualified for.
When the army of enablers/apologists for Judicial Misfits continues to spew forth they BS that Judicial Misfits are an anomaly, the certified records prove otherwise.

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