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U.S. Judge Frank Polozola of Baton Rouge; Il Duce Wannabee, ethical elf, moron

Judge Frank Polozola has for all intent and purposes dedicated his undistinguished legal career to porking out at the public trough. From 1965 to date (45 years), Judge Frank Polozola has spent thirty-nine (39) years with his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough.
Unfortunately, President Jimmy Carter nominated Polozola to a seat on the District Court in Baton Rouge in 1980. On January 15, 2007, Judge Polozola decided to become a senior status judge, which means his average work week according to the Federal Court Administrator’s Office is 6.1 hours; however, his undeserved annual salary of $178,000 remains the same.
Previously, Judge Polozola presided over the corruption case of former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards who was sentenced to ten years for extorting payoffs for riverboat casino licenses. Of course Ol’ Eddy wouldn’t have been in this jam if he’d been wearing a robe! That’ll teach the dummy!!
Prior to sitting on the Edwards case, Judge Polozola filed a civil lawsuit in regards to an auto accident he was involved in. In his personal injury lawsuit, Polozola demanded compensation for a “serious physical injury” that caused him mental anguish and “impairment of function.” Apparently, the “impaired function did not limit his ability to lie and/or to act as an ethical gimp.
Subsequently, Judge Polozola settled the case and then ordered that his testimony and that of his so-called psychiatrist and psychologist, which was part of the public court record be sealed. Of course the lackey local judge (aka, ass-kisser) complied with Polozola’s outlandish request and sealed the court file.
During the pendancy of Judge Polozola’s sham personal injury lawsuit, he readily admitted to being impaired and to using Oxy-Contin (aka, Hillbilly Heroin) during the time he presided over the Edwards’s case.
Do you (that’d be one of us peons) asked some local judicial hack to seal your public court record, that he or she would promptly comply? 
After this matter of sealing Polozola’s court file became public, ex-Governor Edwards’ attorney wrote in several court filings that Polozola engaged in “erratic even paranoid” behavior during the pendancy of this case. Based on this evidence, Edwards’ attorney asked that the public records/file of Polozola’s personal injury lawsuit be unsealed.
This reasonable request led to two idiot Federal Prosecutors (aka, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb) asking that Judge Polozola take control of the state court case file to avoid “irreparable injury to the national interest.”
What “national interest” were these idiots speaking of? It’s in our national interest to conceal relevant evidence of a certified Judicial Misfit from public view? This is akin to the Prosecutor in Milwaukee demanding that Jeffrey Dahmer’s rump roast recipe be sealed.
Stephen Gillers, a law professor at New York University said, “Polozola cannot be the judge of his own case. That’s the first commandment of judicial ethics.” 
Well I’m here to tell you Mr. Gillers that you’re wrong. Frankie can do any damn thing he wants to do. Who’s going to stop him . . . you? He’s got a job for life; therefore, he can give you the Dick Cheney treatment [remember Senator Leahy?) whenever he feels like it.
Now that Edwards’ has “outed” Frankie, he can kiss any thoughts of winning a retrial because of Frankie’s admitted addictions. I’ve got some news for your attorneys, Mr. Edwards. Just because Frankie admitted he was impaired doesn’t mean a damn thing because it’s a common affliction among judges.  
And don’t hold your breath waiting for any Federal Appellate judges to express any concern about Frankie’s dictatorial and illegal conduct. He’s one of them and frankly (pun intended) “they don’t give a damn!”

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