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Federal Magistrate Christine Noland; bigot, apologist for crooked attorneys


In the mid 1990s, Magistrate Christine Noland was assigned to a case wherein Georgia Gulf Corp. was being sued regarding a chemical exposure that occurred at its Plaquemine facility, which resulted in 600 workers and family members being adversely affected.
In May, 1999, a $100 million settlement took place, with attorneys receiving $40 million. Not satisfied with $40 million, these crooks kept an additional $2.5 million as alleged reimbursement for what they had the chutzpah to claim as legitimate litigation costs. Below are some of the obscene costs these crooks claimed:
  • $45,000 to Louisiana Aircraft to charter planes
  • $20,000 for stretch-limo services
  • $1,141 for charges at Hooter’s
  • Over $10,000 for services at the mobbed-up “Gold Club” in Atlanta that included costs for “lap dances”
In addition, the crooks demanded $1.2 million in fees for attorney Adele Owen, who they falsely claimed worked 100% of her time on the Georgia Gulf litigation from Jan. 1997 to May 1999. This would mean that Ms. Owen’s work and earnings were as follows:
  • $41,380 per month for 29 months
  • $10,345.00 a week for 116 weeks
  • $2,069.00 a day for 580 days
  • $258.00 an hour for 4,640 hours
This claim was proven false at a hearing before Magistrate Noland when Owen admitted she worked as a paralegal, performed secretarial services, organized documents and files, and worked on several other cases. Put simply she was a glorified gopher.
To assert in legal filings that Ms. Owens slaved eight hours a day for 580 consecutive days on one case is obscene. Even more obscene is the claim that her labor was worth $258.00 an hour when it was known she spent a great deal of her time performing secretarial services. It is more likely than not that she was paid no more than $70 an hour and spent no more than 500 hours on the case, meaning the true value of her time was about $35,000.
Of course being the ethical leper-con that she is, Magistrate Noland treated her oath of office with total contempt when she failed to find personal injury lawyer Robert H. Schmolke in direct contempt of court for perpetrating a fraud on the court and for obstructing the fair administration of justice.
Magistrate Christine Noland’s biased rulings
After the victims complained about the outrageous claims for fees and costs made by their attorneys, Noland sided with the crooks by commenting as follows:
  • She “understood their anger” because the victims were actually challenging these costs
  • When the attorneys claimed they were “prejudiced by having to prove their case” for costs, she accused the victims of “trial by ambush”
  • Ordered the victims to forewarn the crooks which specific expenses would be involved in their cross-examination (aka, prep time to fabricate lies)
  • Gave the crooks the option to designate which witnesses should be subject to cross-examination
  • She provided no notice of the hearing to victims who were not represented by counsel
As expected, Magistrate Noland ruled in favor of the claims for the costs as set forth above, meaning she must have reached the following conclusions:
Blacks will waste their money on malt liquor, lottery tickets and crack cocaine or even worse, they might really waste it by paying college tuition for their kids.
“Good ol’ boys” will spend it wisely on lap dances, hookers, private jets, stretch limos, liquid meals, and more importantly judicial bribes.
Is it any wonder why the majority of us hold the judiciary in total contempt? Should we even question why the numbers are higher within the black community?
Given Magistrate Christine Noland’s bigoted conduct, she should have had the courtesy to have donned a white robe. Sadly, she remains on the bench where she’ll remain for the balance of her miserable and useless life. Where’s Bull Conner when you’re looking for some genuine compassion.

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