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U.S. Judge W. Keith Watkins; ethical elf, bootlicker for right-wing conservatives

In 2006, Judge W. Keith Watkins was unfortunately appointed to the district bench in Montgomery, Alabama by President George W. Bush.
The sole reason for Judge W. Keith Watkins appointment was because it was well known amongst right-wing conservatives that he was more than willing to act as an enabler and apologist for right-wing causes. Put simply, Judge W. Keith Watkins was more than willing to treat his “oath of office” with total disdain. In fact, it appears that Judge W. Keith Watkins has dedicated his entire legal career to the total ‘avoidance of propriety.”
All of the states, which of course would include Alabama, were required to meet a federal requirement to create a computerized statewide list of voters. Secretary of State Nancy Worley (Democrat) is Alabama’s “Chief Election Official.” Ms. Worley said the delay in her meeting the federal requirement was due to factors outside her control.  
In a naked attempt to undermine Ms. Worley’s authority over election matters, the U.S. Justice Department pursuant to directions from Attorney General Alberto Gonzales [another celebrated Bush lackey, aka “Arrogant Al”), decided to go to court in order to usurp her authority and hand it over to Republican Gov. Bob Riley. 
Given the track record of the present administration and in particular that of Arrogant Al, it is painfully clear that this was nothing more than a naked attempt to usurp the statutory authority of a Democratic Secretary of State in order to place “the party” in a position to hold sway over upcoming elections in 2006 and 2008.
Sadly, for those who believe in justice and equity, Judge Watkins was assigned to the litigation. In assuring that his sponsors (the party) would be sufficiently rewarded for providing him with a lifelong job, he ruled in favor of Arrogant Al and the Justice Department. Watkins’ ruling was an abomination and nothing more than what one would expect from a lifelong flunky for “the party.”
When Ms. Worley asked the Attorney General to provide her with legal counsel to argue against Arrogant Al’s unwarranted lawsuit, he denied her request, which was expected since he was recently appointed by Gov. Riley (another Bush ass-kisser) after serving as his lapdog, I mean legal advisor. 
The Alabama Democratic Party asked Judge Watkins to allow it to intervene in the case, so it could put forth a legal argument in opposition to Arrogant Al’s claims. After he likely received his marching orders from Arrogant Al, Watkins, told them to take a hike.
Watchdawg’s commentary
This is further proof that our so-called judiciary does not act independently of their political handlers. Watkins obviously has total contempt and disdain for the oath of office he took after being gifted by George W. via the pimp services provided on his behalf by U.S. Senators Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby.
It is indeed a sad commentary on the state of our so-called justice system when those sworn to dispense justice are willing to limit the dispensation of justice to serve the interests of their benefactors and sponsors.
Unfortunately, the citizens of Montgomery, Alabama will be made to suffer the indignity of having Mr. Watkins sitting in judgment of them for the balance of his rather insignificant and worthless life.
And finally, as my friends in the Gulf Shores area of Alabama would say, “this feller is a total asshole.” My sincerest apologies to dedicated assholes in Alabama who have dedicated their political careers to screwing the taxpayers!

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