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Judge Jean Bienvenue of Montreal; die-in-the-wool misogynist, moron

In the late 1990s, Judge Jean Bienvenue was found guilty of engaging in the following misconduct.
In 1995, Judge Bienvenue, a well-respected (according to his fellow Judicial Misfits in Montreal) and accomplished misogynist, berated a jury for being “idiotic and incompetent” for finding a woman guilty of only second-degree murder after the defendant had killed her husband by slashing his throat with a razor.
Judge Bienvenue then delivered full-bore invective against the defendant while pronouncing sentence: “When women ascend the scale of virtues, they reach higher than men, and I have always believed this. But it is also said, and this, too, I believe, that when they decide to degrade themselves, they sink to depths to which even the vilest man could not sink.” Bullshit Jean – you certainly didn’t exclude yourself, right?
Judge Bienvenue continued: “Alas, you are indeed the image of these women so famous in history: the Delilah’s, the Salome’s, Charlotte Corday, Mata Hari and how many others who have been a sad part of our history and have debased the profile of women.” 
But Jean didn’t stop there: “At the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp in Poland, which I once visited, horror-stricken, even the Nazis did not eliminate millions of Jews in a painful or bloody manner….They died in the gas chambers without suffering.”
Judge Bienvenue’s Sexist comment and demand for booze 
Jean also commented on the short skirt worn by a reporter covering the murder trial and asked the bailiff for a bottle of vodka while the jury was deliberating. Apparently, his request could not be immediately complied with since his mentor Igor Stolichnaya opted to not attend the trial.
An unreliable source indicated that Judge Bienvenue was an “equal opportunity pervert,” in that he would also comment on the short skirts worn by Scottish men. What a guy! 

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