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Ex-Magistrate Musa Kenneth Chauke of South Africa; pervert, thief, moron

Several years ago Magistrate Musa Kenneth Chauke of Pretoria, South Africa was charged with misconduct after explicit pornography was found on his court computer. Chalk
Chauke also faced a fraud charge regarding claims he watched porn during a court session on Saturday while he was earning overtime pay. What’s the big deal? He’s just another hard-working public servant who was willing to rise to the occasion by putting in a little overtime for the public good, right?
The alleged incident came to light when another magistrate used Chauke’s computer while he was on sick leave. An anonymous complaint launched an investigation within the department.
Chauke’s hard drive was then scrutinized. The report did not note whether it was Chauke’s hard drive or the computer’s hard drive or both that were ultimately scrutinized.
Chauke’s actions were in violation of the department of justice’s internet policy. Officials are not allowed to view any form of pornography on their work computers. Of course that’s not the case with Federal judges herein in the good ol’ U.S. of A. as a result of the handy work of Chief Judge Alex Kozinski of the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals in San Francisco.
Magistrate Hans Meijer, from the Magistrate’s Commission, said the body’s ethical committee decided that Chauke should be investigated. According to Meijer, the committee had not yet decided on what to do about a separate theft charge lodged against Chauke.
A family that steals together, sticks together
The prosecutor’s office earlier decided that Chauke, his wife, Lally Muhlarhi, and their son, Thulane Mavili Shane, would be charged with theft.
The theft charges came about after police raided Chauke’s house in Swartkop following a tip that there were stolen goods, including diet pills, on the property.
The pills, valued at about 19,000 Rand ($2,666), were apparently found in a wooden shed on Chauke’s property. The pills were from Vitamin Laboratories in Centurion, which had earlier been robbed. Products valued at 1.6 million Rand ($225,000) were stolen.
Isn’t it understandable that Magistrate Chauke would be in need of some vitamins given his propensity for working overtime on the court’s computer?
It’s rumored that after his removal from the bench, Judge Chauke found gainful employment as a part-time salesman for General Nutrition Centers (GNC) and as a promoter for the Hustler web site.

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