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Tony Perkins says: Obama to blame for Oregon College killings


During a recent (early October 2015) rant, Un-Family Research Council President and resident comedian Tony Perkins decided to gin up additional contributions by criticizing Obama’s reaction to the Umpqua Community College shooting.


Tony the Comic said that while Obama calls for stricter gun laws, it is in fact tough gun laws that are responsible for America’s rate of gun-related deaths. (Brian Tashman) The comedian went on to ask his intellectually impoverished listeners:

  • “Could the religious hostility that the president and his policies have fostered have something to do with this?”

The comedian went on to say:

  • “Could his [Obama] policies that have pushed us away from family formation and from marriage have something to do with the moral implosion that’s taking place in our country?”
  • “Could the president’s lawlessness —remember, he’s the president who had an attorney general who was in contempt of Congress; Lois Lerner who plead the Fifth because she didn’t want to tell about how they were using the IRS to target conservatives and release confidential information; didn’t want to talk about running guns in Mexico that took the lives of U.S. Border Patrol agents — I think the president’s priorities are misplaced.”
  • “But he’s trying to seize this, in my opinion, trying to use this to advance his anti-Second Amendment political agenda.”

In a last ditch effort at levity, the comedian went on to say that the separation of church and state and legalization of abortion have made Americans lose “the value of human life,” thereby making Americans num to mass shootings.


The only Americans numb to mass shootings are the low I.Q. folks who actually tune in to listen to Tony’s hyperbolic (BS) crap.


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