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Ex-judge George Robertson of Salina, KS; congenital liar, pervert

In Late 2005, Judge George Robertson of Salina, Kansas, which is located about 65 miles north of Wichita was forced to resign after being found guilty of an assortment of perverted conduct, some of which is discussed below.
  • Judge Robertson was charged with frequent use of a county-owned computer to access and display sexually explicit images (porn), messages and materials.
  • In Dec. 2004, a computer specialist was called in to check out Robertson’s computer. He found twenty-three pages of information regarding George’s internet access between Nov. 2004 and Jan. 2005. 
  • The Judge admitted that he started looking at adult websites on his office computer in early 2004, which he continued to do until he was subsequently busted.
Judge George Robertson’s Hyperbolic (BS) Defenses
In a lame attempt at levity, Judge Robertson claimed that he raised baby chicks on his property and that all the trouble began when he searched the Web for “baby chicks.” He went on to say that he thought he was surfing the Information Highway in the direction of “home poultry-raising.” Instead, he said he was misled and charmed into the world of Internet porn. Charmed ya say Georgie Baby? How’s that working for ya now Georgie?
Judge Robertson’s statements were obviously a total fabrication.   I invite you to go to www.google.com or www.yahoo.com and search the term “baby chicks.” When you do you’ll discover that it relates to raising baby chickens.
At a May 25, 2005, judicial disciplinary hearing, Robertson testified that he knew surfing for porn was inappropriate but that the pressures of his judicial position and his volunteer commitments at his church led him to continue the activity.  So now it’s the church’s fault!
In addition to his novel statements, Georgie submitted evaluations from a psychologist and social worker claiming they were treating him for depression. No mention that anything in particular was depressed while he sat in front of a government-owned computer and viewed porn if ya know what I mean.
Judge Robertson’s arguments before Kansas Supreme Court
In a laughable attempt to save his ass (aka, judicial job), Judge Robertson argued to the Court as follows:
  • Argued that judges have rarely been removed from office for misconduct—Praise the Lord - the truth you will set you free! 
  • Cited decisions from other states wherein judges who had accessed porn on court computers were disciplined with a suspension or a private admonishment
  • Attempted to mitigate his misconduct by asserting that he was a victim of porn, stress, and an overzealous church ministry
George was the victim of porn?   It was the church’s fault for being overly aggressive? An unmitigated and unapologetic Judicial Misfit to say the least! To be fair, it was rumored that Judge Robertson spent an inordinate amount of time with the nun pictured to the right, so maybe it was the church’s fault, right?
Judge George Robertson’s BS excuses didn’t do the job because the Kansas Supreme Court unanimously voted for his removal from the bench in late 2005.
An unreliable source indicated that once he was removed from the bench with no prospect of obtaining gainful employment as an attorney that, George was hired as a “Web content editor at www.Hustler.com.”

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