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US Judge Clarence Brimmer of Wyoming; apologist for logging industry


As you’ll see below, Judge Clarence Brimmer was the likely the inspiration for yet another enabler for Big Oil and its cadre of despoilers of public lands. Of course Judge Clarence Brimmer’s apologetic student was none other than Judge of New Orleans
Judge Clarence Brimmer was appointed to the bench by President Gerald Ford in July 1975. As we speak, Judge Brimmer is eighty-eight (88) years old (born in 1922). I don’t know about you folks, but I ain’t enamored with having some old-codger like Judge Brimmer sitting on the bench.
This buffoon (my apologies to buffoons) could have retired from the bench with a 100% pension compliments of y’all overtaxed Americans in 1995 at $133,600 for the remainder of his life. In addition, he would have received fully-paid health insurance (the platinum variety) at taxpayer expense.
In the mid-2003, Judge Brimmer entered an absurd order invalidating the “road-less rule,” which was one of the most important public-land conservation initiatives passed in nearly a century. This rule empowered the U.S. Forest Service to limit timber harvesting and oil, gas and mineral exploration on 58 million acres of road-less national forests under the Forest Service’s control.
In his asinine ruling (is there another kind?), Judge Brimmer had the chutzpah to declare that the Forest Service could only prevent the building of new roads by acting through the Wilderness Act, with the approval of Congress.
As expected, the oil and gas industry was absolutely thrilled because they argued before Judge Brimmer the Forest Service’s prohibitions would have prevented them from extracting resources valued at $23-24 billion.
One can only hope that BP CEO Hayward ordered his minions to reimburse Judges Brimmer and Loser for the costs they incurred in purchasing “industrial strength knee pads
Does Judge Brimmer understand the meaning of “conflict of interest” – No!!
At the time he donned his industrial strength knee pads to perform as a lackey and apple-polisher for the mining industry, Judge Brimmer realized annual earnings of nearly $200,000 from his investments of almost $1 million.
Isn’t it disgusting to know that ethical leper-cons like Judges Brimmer and Smith are willing to treat their oath of office and the Code of Judicial Conduct with total contempt? To be honest folks, the contempt I personally hold for Judge Brimmer and those of his ilk (FYI: Judge Brimmer – ILK isn’t defined as a male ELK!).
Since federal judges are appointed for life, I suspect that we’ll be treated to even more biased rulings by Judge Clarence Brimmer in the future. Given the fact that some federal judges have remained on the bench until they were hauled away in a “wooden robe” at the age of 104, we could be looking at 16 more years of this demented and biased fool sitting on the bench in Wyoming.
Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and ex-Vice President Dick Cheney will invite Judge Brimmer to go quail hunting in the future.

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