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Sen. Cruz sez: God will Heal America if more Evangelicals start Voting


During a recent (late August 2015) rally for a “We Stand With God” rally on the steps of the South Carolina capitol building, Sen. Ted Cruz  decided to hawk a little snake oil to the intellectually disabled members of the audience. In doing so, Teddy decided to emulate the shenanigans of his mentor the Right Rev. Jimmy Swaggart.


In his ongoing attack on members of the gay community and the issue of marriage equality, Teddy the Charlatan went on to tell the audience

  • “Marriage was ordained by God Almighty and Caesar has no jurisdiction over the pulpit,” he declared, promising that “every justice I appoint to the United States Supreme Court will follow the law and follow the Constitution and not impose their radical views on the people of America.”

In lamenting (means regret, Jethro) that not enough evangelicals voted in the 2012 presidential election, Teddy went on to say:

  • “If you ask ourselves why do we live in a country where life is under assault, where marriage is under assault, where faith is under assault, the last election, 54 million evangelical Christians stayed home.”
  • “There is a spirit of revival and awakening sweeping this country today and evangelicals will stay home no longer.”
  • “When conservative evangelicals vote in great enough numbers, God will heal our land.”

Apparently, Screwy Teddy actually believes that each and everyone of the 54 million evangelicals will vote in lockstep with him, which is of course absurd. It would be akin to arguing that if every left handed person had voted in 2016, Romney would have defeated Obama.


I can assure you that if this Certified A-Hole (my apologies to A-Holes) were to become the next president, we’d be in a world of hurt.


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