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Judge N. James Turner of Orlando; pervert and nut case


Judge N. James Turner sits as a Circuit Court Judge in Orlando (ca. May 2010).
While on the bench for a mere sixteen (16) months, Judge Turner has engaged in a multitude of misconduct, which resulted in the filing of charges in July 2009 by the Florida Judicial Qualifications against him. Some of the misconduct Judge Turner is charged with is set forth below.
Judge N. James Turner – Pervert Conduct
  • Charged with making inappropriate comments and unwelcome verbal advances to female court staff
  • Had improper and unwanted [unlawful] physical contact with female court staff, including massaging, hugging and kissing them
  • Loaning female staff money and attempting to force himself into their personal and private lives
  • Inviting himself to their homes and otherwise creating a hostile work environment for subordinate female court employees
Illegal Practice of Law
As a sitting judge, Turner was prohibited from engaging in the practice of law. However, he knowingly acted as his mother’s lawyer in a foreclosure proceeding in Dade County.
Engaging in Erratic [Aberrant] Behavior
While collecting his undeserved judicial wages, Judge Turner engaged in the following behavior:
  • Publicly proclaimed that he was the protector and advocate of women in Osceola County
  • Taking cell phone calls of a personal nature while on the bench in open court
  • Inappropriate use of court computer during court proceedings, including viewing his personal e-mail and Facebook account
  • Suddenly, unexpectedly and repeatedly leaving the bench unannounced during court proceedings
  • Inappropriately berating and belittling court personnel and doing so in open court
Anticipated Punishment for Judge Turner
Given the deplorable record of the enablers/apologists at the Judicial Commission, I suspect that ultimately Judge Turner will be gifted with a “complimentary public reprimand” for his egregious misconduct.

Because Judicial Misfits/Perverts are held to a lower standard of conduct then everyone else, Turner was never criminally charged for sexual battery, etc.


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