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Judge Adam Bourgeois, Jr. of Chicago;  perjurer, deadbeat and ethically insolvent

Sadly, Judge Adam Bourgeois sits on the criminal court in Chicago as we speak (ca. May 2010) and has done so since 1999.
Judge Adam Bourgeois is a repeat visitor to the Judicial Misfit Apple tree as you’ll see below.
Judge Bourgeois’ 1st Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
In 2001, Judge Bourgeois was found guilty of providing false statements and/or in failing to include required information in his 1999 and 2000 economic interest disclosure statements.
For this misconduct, the Illinois Judicial Commission presented Judge Bourgeois with a complimentary 30 day suspension.
Judge Bourgeois’ 2nd Bite at the Judicial Misfit Tree
In 2004, Judge Bourgeois was found guilty for submitting false information (lying) on his application for appointment as a judge in five (5) categories.
The information Judge Bourgeois failed to reveal which he was required to do is as follows:
  • He defaulted on an education loan [Barber school?]
  • He was held in contempt of court re: the defaulted education loan
  • He was the subject of several past attorney-discipline complaints brought by various clients
  • He’d been a defendant in 3 lawsuits, including a 1995 lawsuit for nonpayment of rent
  • He was held in contempt of court re: child support payments
Judge Bourgeois’ Hyperbolic (BS) Defense
Judge Bourgeois had the chutzpah to claim that he merely forgot about of the five matters aforementioned while filling out his application. He further claimed that personal circumstances prevented from focusing on the application.
Personal circumstances prevented you from telling the truth Adam? How can that be? Your lips weren’t moving when you filled out the application, right?
For being a serial liar, the enablers/apologists on the Judicial Commission gifted Judge Bourgeois with a complimentary 60 day suspension.
This is further evidence that judges are held to a much lower standard of conduct then we are. And lastly, isn’t it comforting for Chicagoans to know that they have a criminal sitting on their criminal court?

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