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Judge Craig Storey of Ogden, UT; certified pervert, moron


Sadly for the residents/taxpayers of Ogden, Utah, Judge Craig Storey sat on the bench for several years as a Judge in Ogden. During his undistinguished judicial career (Is there another kind in regards to (Judicial Misfits s?)
Judge Storey was subsequently charged with engaging in a plethora of egregious misconduct which is set forth below. Surprised?
Evidence that Judge Storey is a “Certified Pervert"
Judge Storey’s longtime court clerk, Ms. Marcia Eisenhower said/testified that Judge Storey had a “storied” (pun intended) history of engaging in sexual harassment of female court employees. Trust me folks this type of aberrant behavior amongst members of the Judiciary is not an “anomaly/aberration” as practicing die-in-the-wool “apologists/enablers for “Judicial ” would have us believe.
Ms. Eisenhour’s attorney told reporter Stephen Hunt of The Salt Lake Tribune that Judge Storey (55 at the time) admitted to the Utah Judicial Conduct Commission (JCC) that he “wrote [authored] a sexually explicit poem about Ms. Eisenhour wherein he described for her a dream in which she was washing dishes in the court’s break room while naked from the waist up and that he had called and said he loved her after her father died.”
Praise the Lord – isn’t that comforting to know that Judge Storey‘s demented idea of comforting a court employee was to fantasize about a sexual encounter? (See Tribune story at: http://tinyurl.com/23o45se). Hmmm, was this a dry and/or wet dream Judge Storey? Inquiring minds would like to know ya Pervert.
Judge Craig Storey’s Hyperbolic (aka, BS) Defenses
Judge Craig Storey denied to the JCC to standing so close to Ms. Eisenhour while she was working at the courthouse that on several occasions “his groin” was implanted against her thigh or the back of her head or neck.” Give me a break!!! If ya believe this BS then your I.Q. is equal to and/or lower than the legal speed limit in a school zone!
Who should we believe Boy and Girls – a Certified Perv (CP) like the Dishonorable Judge Craig Storey or one (and I mean one) of his victims? You be da judge Boyz and Girls!
As the Father of three (3) daughters, not only would I totally disbelieve any BS defenses put forth by someone of Judge Storey‘s ilk – I would’ve likely “kicked his substantial ass” for so acting. And if I was unable to do so in the day as they say” (late 1950s – early 1960s), I would’ve employed someone like my Dad’s friends /associates such as (a) Irving ‘The Slick’ Shapiro”, (b) Aldena “Jimmy the Weasel” Fratiannio- made member of the Cleveland Mob/one-time Godfather of the LA Mob, (c) John Scalish (Cleveland Godfather (ca. 1944 -1976), and/or (d) Lonnie Licavoli (aka, “Jack White” – mob boss of the Cleveland/Detroit/Toledo mob .
I’m not now nor have I ever been an apologist/enabler for made-members of the Mafia. However, in “the day” as they are won’t to say, Fathers’ such as myself would’ve done whatever was necessary at the time to protect our daughters. Would y/all have demanded more of us?
As a Father of three (3) daughters and one (1) granddaughter – Taylor of Sacramento who is 17 as we speak – ca. May 2010, I can assure you that I feel morally compelled to be Taylor’s number one, and I mean No. 1 protector. And trust me folks, since Taylor obtained her dynamite looks from her Mother and Grandma, things could be difficult for this ol’ boy in the future. Luckily for Taylor she was rewarded with being endowed with my intellect.
Would ya Gals out there think less of me if I were unwilling to dedicate my time /effort to assuring that my daughters/granddaughter were treated with the respect all of ya Gals deserve? If Dad can’t protect his daughters from predators like Judge Craig Storey of Ogden, Utah, t
Sadly, members of the Judicial/Legal Industries (aka, enablers/apologists for Judicial Misfits) would disagree with this Ol’ Dawg’s sense of ongoing and never-rending responsibilities.
And finally, call me whatever ya like; however, you’ll never be able to truthfully claim that this ol’ Boy failed in his unending duty to act in the best interests of his daughters and/or his sole granddaughter Taylor. As to you Guys that hold a different view, shame on you!!!
Put simply, a Father’s duty to act as the primary protector of his female offspring only ends when the ol’ boy is laid to rest, right?

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