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U.S. Judge Jed Rakoff of New York City; arrogant loser


The state of New York presented Jed Saul Rakoff with a law license in 1969 after he graduated from Harvard Law School.


In 1995, former President Bill Clinton was duped into appointing Jed as a District Court judge for the Southern District of New York. Jed didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in the New York City area. He received it because he had proven to be a reliable lackey for the local political hacks.


After refusing to approve the $285 settlement, Judge Rakoff scheduled a trial. Both the SEC and Citigroup immediately appealed Rakoff’s refusal to approve the settlement and his scheduling of a trial.


Subsequent, a unanimous three-judge  panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit overturned Judge Rakoff’s ruling. The Court stated in its ruling that Rakoff had “abused his discretion by applying an incorrect legal standard in his review.” The court then sent the case back to Rakoff for further action.


The cost to the taxpayers of Judge Rakoff’s arrogance cannot fully be determined. Of course Rakoff doesn’t give a damn how many times the Court of Appeals spanks him by reversing his asinine rulings. And the reason he doesn’t care is because he can’t tossed off the bench for engaging in this type of arrogant behavior.


It should be noted that Rakoff opted to become a Senior Status judge in December 2010. This means that he is only required to work 10 hours a week in order to collect his $199,000 annual salary. Is that a sweet deal or what? Well, it’s your tax money so you know Jed doesn’t give a damn!


As we speak (ca. June 2015) Jed continues to sit as a U.S. District Court Judge in New York City.


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