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US Judge Rudolph Randa of Milwaukee; moronic loser 


This isn’t the first article regarding the Judge Randa. To view another story visit the IRL listed at the end of this article.


The State of Wisconsin presented Rudolph Thomas Randa with a law license in 1966 after he graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School.


In 1992, President George H.W. Bush was hoodwinked into appointing Rudy as a District Court Judge. Clearly, Rudy didn’t receive the appointment because he was the most qualified attorney in the greater Milwaukee area. Rudy received the appointment because he had convinced the local political hacks that he could be relied upon as a compliant lackey.


It should be noted that Rudy has had his significant snout firmly implanted in the public trough for the past forty-nine years (ca. 1966 thru 2015). Obviously, no self-respecting law firm in the greater Milwaukee area was about to offer Rudy the Lifer a good paying job.


It appears that Rudy has had some of his asinine decisions overturned by the 7thCircuit Court of Appeals more times than a morning flapjack at IHOP.


Rudy was recently (March 2015) reversed again by the 7thCircuit. This time it related to his absurd ruling that the Archdiocese of Milwaukee could shield $60 million from its ongoing bankruptcy case from its creditors, which included victims of pedophile priests.


In addition to reversing Rudy’s asinine ruling, the Appeals Court also ordered the case sent back to Milwaukee and assigned to another judge. Put simply, the Court of Appeals took the unusual step of ordering that Rudy be tossed off the case.


Over the years, Rudy has provided much fodder for the proposition that he’s one of America’s Premier Loser judges. He has consistently remained on cases involving his own personal and/or financial interests.


In addition, Rudy is a compliant lackey for right-wing billionaires in that he is a regular attendee for all-expense paid junkets funds by the Charles G. Koch Foundation and the Bradley Foundation.


In a lame attempt at levity, and just before Obama was elected, Rudy said he would take on “senior status,” which would have allowed for the appointment of a new judge to replace him. However, when Obama got elected, Rudy likely said to himself:

  • “Ain’t no way I’m gonna let that boy [wink, wink] appoint my replacement.”

If Hillary Clinton wins in 2016 and is reelected in 2020, Rudy would not be able to retire on go on senior status for another 15 or more years or until a Republican won the Presidency. By that time, Rudy would be in his late eighties or early nineties.


The worst part of this scenario is that Rudy doesn’t have to answer to anyone for making biased decisions and/or remaining on cases he has an interest in. The so-called remedy of impeachment is a total joke. In my humble opinion, to suggest that a lowly District Court judge has the same right to impeachment that the President does is laughable at best.


As we speak (ca. March 2015) Rudy the Moron remains sitting as a U.S. District Court Judge in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


US Judge Rudolph Randa of Milwaukee; lifetime porker, loser



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