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Attorney Gil Shaw of Prescott, AZ; repeat offender, congenital liar, Dufus

Unfortunately the Arizona Supreme Court made a monumental error in judgment when it presented Gil Shaw with a law license in 1983 after his graduation from Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, California.
Attorney Gil Shaw has engaged in a plethora of misconduct over the years, some of which is set forth below.
1st bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree - 2008
In 2008 the Arizona Supreme Court found Gil guilty of the following misconduct in regards to his representation of a client in a dissolution matter.
  1. Repeated failures to communicate with the client
  2. Falsely told client her documents had been sent to her husband for his signature
  3. Client subsequently discovered from clerk of court that her case had been dismissed
  4. When she confronted Gil regarding the dismissal, he drafted the necessary documents, gave them to her and told her to file them with the court
  5. When she took them to the court, they rejected the filing because she wasn’t the original filer
  6. The client then filed a complaint with the State Bar; however Gil failed to respond to numerous attempts by the State Bar to contact him
The losers and wimps sitting on the State Surpeme Court punished Gil the Liar by gifting him with a complimentary censure and a term of probation for one year.
2nd bite at the Attorney Misfit Apple Tree - 2010
In 2010 the Arizona Supreme Court found Gil guilty of the following misconduct:
  1. Failed to properly communicate and consult with clients (same offense in 2008)
  2. Failed to appear a hearing on behalf of client which resulted in client’s case being dismissed (Déjà vu all over again for Gil the Loser)
  3. Charged an unreasonable fee (aka, screwing a client)
  4. Refused to provide file to client after they fired him
  5. Failed to advise client of status of their case
  6. Gil’s incompetence led to another client being monetarily sanctioned and his case being dismissed (It’s that Ol’ Déjà vu again compliments of Gil Baby!)
Gil’s Hyperbolic (aka, Bullshit) Defenses
In mitigation of his egregious repeat misconduct, Gil had the chutzpah to defend it by claiming he was suffering from personal and/or emotional problems. He also said he was “sorry.” Obviously, Gil missed his calling as a standup comedian!
As expected, the enablers and apologists sitting on the Arizona Supreme Court gave mitigating weight to Gil’s laughable defenses. These wimps then punished Gil the Repeater by gifting him with yet another complimentary censure along with a 60 day suspension
As we speak (ca. June 2011) this loser continues to practice law at 105 South Cortez Street in Prescott, Arizona

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