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Side Judge Paul Kane of Westminster, VT; disgusting cheat


FYI: A side judge in Vermont is not a lawyer. As such he is empowered to advise regular judges in civil and family court cases and is allowed to preside over minor cases.


But like most of Vermont's 27 other assistant judges, who advise regular judges in civil and family court cases and occasionally preside over minor cases, Kane does not have a law degree.


The Vermont Judicial Commission has charged assistant Judge Paul Kane with engaging in the following misconduct regarding to his dealing with an elderly relative.


In July 2015, Paulie filed a sham claim against Ms. Tolaro’s estate for $833,292.51. One of Paulie’s scams was a wage claim that left only 4-hours-a-week for him to work, sleep or do anything other than provide care for Ms. Tolaro. Since Paulie was practicing law at the time, it would have been impossible for him to have spent 20-hours-a-day providing care for Ms. Tolaro.


Paulie is also charged with giving “not entirely truthful” testimony [perjury] in Ms. Tolaro’s probate case.


In an effort to avoid testifying, Paulie filed a motion in the Windsor County Probate Court to avoid testifying in the matter, but the judge ordered him to testify. As soon as Paulie took the witness stand, it was quite clear why he had been reluctant to testify. For at least 90 minutes, attorney Jodi French of Brattleboro grilled Paulie about whether he had bilked an elderly woman with Alzheimer’s disease out of about $500,000.


Ms. French asked Paulie why, after Ms. Tolaro granted him power of attorney, he went out and purchased an #180,000 annuity with her money that named him as the sole beneficiary.


In a lame effort at levity, Paulie testified that he did so with Ms. Tolaro’s interests in mind. He also had the chutzpah to claimed that irregularities in his handling of Ms. Tolaro’s estate were due to mistakes and his poor understanding of relevant laws in dealing with probate matters. He then laughingly said he is the victim of “character assassination.” Clearly, Paulie missed his calling as a Standup Comedian.


Hopefully, the Judicial Commission will refer this matter to the State’s Attorney’s Office in Brattleboro so that Paulie is criminally prosecuted for his underhanded dealings in helping himself to at least $500,000 of Ms. Tolaro’s assets.