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Idaho’s 2019 Judicial Ivory Soap Ethics Rating = 99.85%


Ivory Soap advertises a purity rating of 99.44%. In the Idaho judicial system, there are 130 judges practicing throughout the state. For the year 2019, the enablers for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Idaho Judicial Council and the Idaho Supreme Court laughingly claimed that they could not find even one (1) unethical and/or incompetent judges amongst them.


0 = number of removals

0 = number of reprimands

0 = number of censures

0 = number of suspensions


This laughable finding by the Judicial Qualifications Commission means that Georgia has a 99.9% Ivory Soap Purity rating for 2018 is preposterous in that it indicates the near impossibility of finding a dishonest or incompetent attorney.


And lastly, the folks in Idaho are incredibly lucky to say the least to have a judiciary that is as honest and competent as the Judicial Qualifications Commission findings would have us believe.